Final Gift Guide

My bête noir is the holiday column. This was officially my first and last ever gift guide. Generally I prefer not to acknowledge holidays, especially on the holiday itself, which is why this is getting posted in June. My family doesn’t exchange gifts, so writing this column was weird, although in theory I abide by the advice herein. The original column was published in the December 2014 issue of Globe Style Advisor.

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A perfunctory thank you for a practical gift is nice, but if you really want to light up their faces, let yourself get carried away with gift giving this season. Don’t tuck these presents under the tree – put them on top.

Instead of socks… get them jewels. Socks serve a purpose but they get holes in them or get lost in the dryer and are easily forgotten. Trust, they won’t lose those rocks and those rocks won’t lose their shape! If you don’t have a budget for rubies and emeralds, look for semiprecious Canadian treasures like blue sodalite, pink dolomite and iridescent labradorite.

Instead of flannel… get them silk. Flannel is cozy and cute until you wash it once and all those short fibers pill. Silk fibers are as long and strong as nylon, as warm as fleece and as light as air, and will wash beautifully. (Yes you CAN wash silk!)

Instead of soap… get them perfume. Soap just turns into a slimy, deformed puck. Better to get even a tiny bottle of perfume… they’ll think of you when they look and smell their best.

Instead of a sweater… get them fur. There’s nothing as physically comforting to the body as something made from another body, that’s just science. If you MUST get a sweater, make sure it’s soft and light and not scratchy or heavy – feel your way to the finest fibers like angora, cashmere and merino.

Instead of a gift card… get them crisp, clean, stipulation-free CASH. That’s the true spirit of the season.

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